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Manatee Madness Ballroom Dance Festival


We are asking that NO COSTUMES be worn for this event.

Please join in the fun and wear your most unique - Festive Florida Finery - in keeping with the casual, tropical theme of this competition.

For the dinner dance we ask you to kick it up a bit to a more elegant attire.

We will be giving special awards for the most unique, inventive and festive outfits for Gentleman and Lady during the competition and the Dinner Dance.

We do ask that No Jeans be worn on the dance floor during the day sessions and no one wearing jeans will be admitted into the ballroom for Saturday evening. We still wish to maintain an appropriate ambiance in the ballroom.

***COUNTRY WESTERN DANCERS*** Boots & Hats are optional, but please dress with care to promote our festive theme. THANKS!

Come join in the fun and joy of a unique dance event and experience.

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