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Francois Szony

Francois Szony is one of the most original of all the living Icons of the Ballroom Dancesport's industry of our time. He has given most of his life to breaking new ground in the wonderful world of Adagio style of dance. His ability to allow himself and his partners to create shapes, lines and almostly seeming to defy the laws of gravity are his signature.

Having such partners as Cate Caplin, Giselle, Lois Englund, Toni Ann Gardella and Nancy Claire Wallace Houssels (shown in the photos above) and training some of our Ballroom industries finest Theater Arts and Exhibition dancers of today he is most loved and most sought after as a master coach.

Among one of his most memorable accomplishments was dancing off the top of the wedding cake to the lovely waltz, "Time on My Hands" while being sung by Kathryn Grayson in the movie "One Night of Love" (aka - The Grace Moore Story).

Francois is a master of Latin and Standard dance styles and this allows him to incorporate the movements that best interpretes music. He passes on this love of music and movement to all he coaches.