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Susie Thompson

Susie Thompson continues to be one of the most recognized professional competitors in America. She started dancing on the University of Texas dance team, seizing the opportunity to do something she always loved...dancing. A year and a half after turning professional, Susie teamed up with Forrest Vance. She and Forest became 5-Time Undefeated United States Professional American Rhythm Champion. They also added many other champion's titles such as Ohio Star Ball, Texas Challenge, Canadian Championship and the Emerald Ball. Susie and Forrest were also Fred Astaire Champions for 11 national competitions. They traveled extensively through Europe to perform and lecture, retiring from competition as the undefeated champions.

A few years later, Susie returned to the competition scene and won additional competitions in American Rhythm, along with many theatrical and show dance competitions. She remained a strong United States finalist in the American Rhythm division for another 5 years.

Susie has become a prominent teacher and coach. She has developed students who have won U.S.titles and placed in many major finals. She still teaches and travels around the country to coach and judge.

Susie's philosophy and belief is that first and foremost, you must dance for yourself; second for your partner; third for your audience. Forget the judges and JUST DANCE...